The Tri-faith Initiative

and the Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups
Omaha Mosque 1

From the documents recovered from the investigation into the Holy Land Foundation (which was a front for laundering money to terrorists via fake Islamic Charities) we know that the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are all front operations for the Muslim Brotherhood in America.  The documents that revealed this were stipulated to as authentic by the Defendants in the trial.

More than 80% of all Mosques in America are owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) which is a part of ISNA.

Trifaith Initiative Omaha, NE - CAIR Brochures

Trifaith Initiative Omaha, NE – CAIR Brochures

When the Tri-Faith Initiative first launched, they saw no need to conceal their associations with the above mentioned groups, which were featured prominently on their website, as “Recommended Reading” and as “Resources” for greater understanding of Islam.

We at GFI alerted the Tri-Faith to their danger, affiliating themselves with organizations under FBI investigation that had been declared “unindicted co-copspirators” in the largest terrorism funding trial in the history of our nation.

We were dismissed as Islamophobic and subsequently decried as “haters” and “extremists.”

However, the information we provided was sufficient to convince the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska to pull out of the project despite having already spent 1.3 million dollars on their portion of land.



The same references were also featured regarding ISNA.  Whereas the Patron National organizations for the Jewish and Christian legs were their own denominational headquarters, the Islamic portion listed ISNA as their leadership, which made perfect sense considering Ingrid Mattson, then-President of ISNA came to keynote the launch of the project at a city-wide gala in 2009.

trifaith - isna 2

Ingrid Mattson - Left, Then President of ISNA

Drilling down another page into the Tri-Faith website reveals that the Muslim portion of the project indeed feels that their leadership and guidestone is ISNA, as evidenced by their intimate associations.

trifaith - resources - Muslim Portion

We also find a listing of the Niagara Foundation of Nebraska, a local chapter of the international Islamist organization dedicated to establishing Islamic rule globally.  A group so dangerous that its home nation of Turkey has banned it.



Tri-faith Institute - Page Not FoundKnowing these things, GFI has continued to urge the Tri-Faith Initiative to abandon these associations, and in return, we have been vilified, slandered and threatened – both legally (by the Tri-Faith Board) and physically through a series of anonymous threats.

However, we felt a true sense of hope when we discovered that the Tri-Faith had removed all references to these groups from their website and publicly declared that they were entirely independent and unaffiliated with any national or international groups.

Then… it came time for the groundbreaking ceremony, and the keynote speaker invited to launch the whole thing is none other than widely-known Islamic supremacist and ISNA leader, Dalia Mogahed.


image2The project is no less associated with these terror-linked groups now than at the beginning, when we first warned them of the danger.  Indeed, they have compounded their error by concealing these associations from public view.  Right here, In Omaha, Nebraska.


*All images are screenshots taken from the original website of the Tri-Faith Initiative.