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Egypt has had enough of America's "Change"

Change You Can Believe In…


Egypt has finalized a 2 billion dollar weapons deal with Russia. Because of U.S. (the current administration) support for radical Islam, ie; the Muslim Brotherhood, our longest and strongest ally in the Middle East is ostensibly ‘walking away’ because we support terrorists.


A Letter To Russian President Vladimir Putin


Mr. Putin – You will continue to be a dictator, the Obama presidency will eventually go away… BUT Americans will continue to be exceptional!

Dear Mr. Putin.

Though we appreciate your wise counsel as it relates to foreign policy, we do find ourselves taking issue with a few statements you’ve made.

First and foremost, you couldn’t have picked a worse day to voice your opinion about America and more specifically, Americans. As you may recall, 12 years ago we experienced what was arguably the largest terrorist attack in modern times. You seem to conveniently enjoy freedom of speech, yet lack the ‘tact’ that should accompany it.

As we mentioned above, assuming no ulterior motives, your counsel concerning Syria seems spot on. We do however find it difficult to trust the leader of a country that has practically defined the concept of negotiating in ‘bad faith’.

Are we down right now? Do we have a President who many don’t agree with? ABSOLUTELY!

Will we be back?…I wouldn’t bet your last bottle of Vodka against it.

You’ve taken your shots at us, taking issue with the idea of “American Exceptionalism”, saying…”It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation”. Mr. Putin, America and its people, ARE exceptional.

What makes us exceptional? Well, for starters, our Constitution. Because of this Constitution, Americans have, and adhere to, a system of government that guarantees us the option of new leadership after every four year term…and in this, President Obama’s second term, our system guarantees a new leader in 2016. Mr. Putin, do you know what else is unique about this system? Not only will our current President be moving out of the White House, but it will all be done peacefully, according to the constructs of our Founding Fathers.

Speaking of “Founding Fathers”…

We’re rather fond of those ‘old guys’, whose vision for what a country should look like has given rise to the greatest nation this earth has ever known. How about comparing ours to the “Founding Fathers” of modern Russia? Care to discuss the virtues of Lenin, Marx and Stalin?

You mention,”…we must not forget that God created us equal.” Agreed! There’s likely never been a country that has recognized and owned that fact like the United States of America. We’re not claiming that God has created Americans as exceptional people. It does however seem clear that we have a “nature vs nurture” argument here. Though we don’t claim to be exceptional by birth (nature), we BECOME exceptional by virtue of our uniquely American ideals (nurture). Mr. Putin, the facts are clear and they’re not on your side. Though we’ll continue to seek the Lord’s blessing on America, we’ll also be praying for you and your country…that Russia might someday embody ideals that provide freedom and liberty for its people.

In conclusion, Mr. Putin, though your advice may have been sound, next time we need some advice…don’t call us, we’ll call you.


Global Faith Institute


This letter is in response to President Putin’s op-ed in The New York Times, published 9/11/13.