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Failing to call Islamic terror by its name breeds more violence

Radical Islam’s next victim

Failing to call Islamic terror by its name breeds more violence

– – Thursday, June 16, 2016
Mateen Paradox Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Mateen Paradox Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times more >


When you are an apostate of Islam, fear and dread follow you. Despite remaining out of sight for days at a time, these feelings never quite leave, they simply remain silent until those quiet moments when I again hear their whispered warnings and hushed threats; imagining them prancing like demons around my lifeless body.

I left Islam. I converted to Christianity, and by doing so, I must be killed.

The Orlando shooter, Omar Seddique Mateen, a Muslim man born in America to Afghani parents had chosen the short path to paradise by committing an act of violent jihad in order to further the establishment of Allah’s kingdom on earth. A kingdom that has no room for homosexuals, as the text of the Koran and Hadiths make clear.

Mateen’s former wife appeared, describing a man with a violent temper and little interest in self-restraint. She described him as “unstable.”

However, the shooter beating his wife, abusing her physically and emotionally doesn’t make him a mentally disturbed man, but rather shows him to be a very devout Muslim. In Islam, it is a husband’s duty to beat a recalcitrant wife.

As if on cue, the political left is once again crafting a false narrative to keep the public in the dark about the Islamic genesis of jihadi terror…Read full article


London’s new Mayor stakes out sacred ground

London’s new Mayor, Siddiq Khan

London’s new Mayor

Siddiq Khan
Photo credit – Laura Pannock TIME

London’s new Mayor is a Muslim man named Siddiq Khan.  In addition to being a Muslim of Pakistani descent, he is also a man with eyes on a higher prize…but more on that later.

In Germany, the authorities have finally broken down their impermeable wall of denial and admitted that “at least 40 suspected terrorists” have infiltrated Germany by hiding (in plain sight!) among the refugees streaming into Europe.

This, reported by Yahoo news, marks a watershed moment of sorts.  First, that Yahoo news would carry ANY report that didn’t conform to the desired narrative of the Obama Administration, and secondly, that the suicide-inclined German government strayed even this far from their ham-handed assertions that “all is well.”

Meanwhile, all across Europe, the “cultural disruptions” stemming from the near instant importation of an aggressive and belligerent religion/culture/political system, has placed the citizens of Europe at odds with both their socialist/collectivist belief that we can “all just get along,” and their innate sense of self-preservation as they watch their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives endure rapes and molestations while those charged with protecting them (the police) instead urge them to dress more modestly and not to go out at night.

These are the things that spawn violent convulsions among otherwise rational populations.  Only the most feckless and downtrodden will permit such personal attacks to continue unopposed.

Speaking of dangers from refugees, Tennessee is dealing with a measles outbreak (something that is virtually unheard of in 21st century America) that has been traced to recent refugee arrivals attending a local Mosque.

Of course, the unspoken question is; if our vaunted screening process cannot even detect a 19th century disease long banished from our shores, how can we expect them to identify the more aggressive threats, such as a desire to see Islam reign supreme over all the earth?

All of which brings me back to the newly elected Mayor of London…

A former member of Parliament, Mr. Khan has his eye on a very long and successful political career, capped by becoming the first Muslim Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Already on record as stating that Sharia law is entirely compatible with British law and tradition, he has warned Donald Trump not to pursue his “pause” on Muslim immigration in the U.S. saying –

“If Donald Trump becomes the President, I’ll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith”

Citing New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual as his role models, Mr. Khan suggested that dealing with a President Trump would be impossible.

Of course, we know that Mr. Khan has a different view of burgeoning Islamic supremacism than your typical Londoner (or any other non-Muslim) and has already expressed his desire to hire Muslims to government posts and jobs in order to give them a greater stake in the system.

Coming from a man who has shared the dais with numerous radical Islamists over his career, I think the average person can be forgiven for finding his hiring binge to be somewhat more disconcerting than comforting.

Were a government official to proclaim a propensity to hire more Christians, or Jews, the outrage would be deafening, but since this regards Muslims, the anti-freedom nature of this idea is entirely ignored.  The fact that the Muslim Mayor of London doesn’t see the irony in seeking to pack the government with his co-religionists while simultaneously declaring that we are all the same – we are all Londoners – bodes ill for the future.

Don’t be deceived…

Sometimes things happen that challenge our beliefs, undermine our faith and at times, even lead us astray.  There are many paths away from God, all well-worn from frequent travel, but the choices we make to help us get to God sometimes lead us astray as well.

Christians inevitably lean toward forgiveness, always willing to permit a fresh start for those who repent and return, however what if there is no real repentance and the return isn’t for fellowship but for destruction?  So it is with Islam.

In such cases, the Christian would be wise to exercise caution, born of discernment.

Sure, we all wish for harmony between religions and peace between nations, but we also wish to win the lottery and live a stress-free life.  Clearly we don’t base our daily household decisions assuming lottery millions are just around the corner, so why then do we base our fellowship decisions on an assumption of enduring peace and harmony?

Especially since there has never been a time in human history where such a period existed; certainly not since Mohammed launched his club.

Given this uncomfortable reality, watching the bubble of ecumenism swelling more rapidly with each passing month causes the prudent to question how long the bubble will hold before explosion and collapse; and how many lives it might take when it does.

The Muslim invasion of Europe (disguised as a refugee crisis) has already strained European society to the breaking point.  Ordinary citizens are watching their birthright handed to interlopers in the name of “tolerance” and unity.

The already increasingly secular societies of the European Union fail to grasp the significance of importing millions of people who don’t view their religion as a quaint anachronism, but rather as an obligation, a duty upon which their very soul depends.

Even those charged with spreading the Gospel and guarding the truth are bastardizing the foundational tenets of faith in order to accommodate the heretical and brutal beliefs of their new Islamist neighbors.

Neighbors for now, overseers later.  The governments of Europe are no longer defending their own people from the predations of the uninvited.  They are indeed making insane allowances for the criminal behavior of Muslims while prosecuting the least instance of resistance by native citizens.

Don't Be DeceivedThe Church is not innocent by any means.  Pope Francis has embraced this weak-kneed schoolgirl ecumenism with a zealot’s heart, going so far as to wash, dry and kiss the feet of Muslim “refugees” during the Maundy Thursday ceremonies meant to commemorate Christ’s washing of the Apostle’s feet.

This ceremony has always been reserved for the Catholic faithful, until now, when Francis unilaterally changed the rule to permit anyone of any faith to participate.  Acting as a true social justice warrior, the Pope has taken a sacred ceremony of worship and turned it into an annual politically correct photo-op.  The world is a bleaker place for it.

So what of it?  Is the world really worse off for the Pope connecting with a wider group of human beings?

Well, that would depend on the human beings, wouldn’t it?

Islam doesn’t exist to reach comfortable accommodations with other faiths.  Islam doesn’t exist to stand side by side with non-Muslims.  Islam exists to subjugate the earth, and all in it, to Allah.  Either Islam reigns supreme, or Islam fights.

To do as Pope Francis, is merely illustrating weakness and foolishness to the Muslim mind.  There is no admiration of Western culture among Muslims; they dismiss our successes as the benefits accruing to those who serve Satan.

There is no desire to assimilate with Western societies, because that would mean assimilating into a coven of worship with which their Prophet has commanded them to subdue and destroy.  No amount of foot washing or ecumenical interfaithery will ever change that.  It only facilitates it by opening doors better left shut and leaving foxes in charge of the hen house.

Islam is growing enormously.  From 100 Mosques in America in 2001, we now have 2300+ in 2016.  An average of one new Mosque every month for 15 years.  From the days of Mohammed until today, Islam remains the same; an immensely dangerous, anti-human form of slavery conducted in the name of a false god.

Don’t be deceived.

Tri-Faith Initiative’s Vulgar Disgrace

Many of you will have heard of a popular program on the cable channel Comedy Central, known as “The Daily Show.”  While it has gone through a series of host changes, it remains very popular among a surprisingly wide number of demographics and provides a useful glimpse into the pop culture world, and how those steeped in said culture view their relationship to the rest of us.

In other words, it is often quite irreverent and generally entertaining, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously, or are overly sensitive to a little humor at your expense.

The producer of the Daily Show came to town to do a piece on Omaha’s Tri-Faith Initiative, interviewing those who support it as well as those who have valid concerns about the project.

Presenter Ronny Chieng, sat down with Rabbi Aryeh Azriel, Dr. Syed Mohuidden and Pastor Eric Elnes – the leaders of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian elements of the Tri-Faith – and asked some rather surprisingly cogent questions.  You know, things that only the most intelligent among us would think to ask, like “What were you thinking??”

Pastor Elnes, head of Countryside Community Church, attempted to describe the Tri-Faith project using a bizarre, ill-advised metaphor about a woman who is in love with three men, and because she has so much love, she is able to maintain deeply intimate relationships with all of them at the same time.

Yes, he said that.  The representative of the Christian faith on the Tri-Faith campus, on national television, described God’s relationship to the Tri-Faith as a gang-bang.  Disgraceful?  Clearly.  An ugly glimpse into the mind of Eric Elnes? Apparently.  Embarrassing and regrettable? Unarguably.

MARCH 10, 2016 – PADMA LAKSHMI 03/10/2016
Ronny Chieng investigates the Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha, NE, which aims to create a peaceful religious space for Christian, Islamic and Jewish worshippers. (5:19)

Pastor Elnes’ prurient foray into polyamorous relationships with the Creator of Heaven and Earth aside, there is more to be concerned about with the Tri-Faith Initiative than the buffoonery of one of its leaders.  There is the matter of their denied – then admitted – then hidden – then admitted again – now hidden again association with known front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood in America; the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

The Tri-Faith Initiative grew out of ISNA’s interfaith programs which have a multi-pronged purpose.  First and foremost, these partnerships between Mosques and Churches or Synagogues are intended to lend a mainstream legitimacy to thoroughly radical Islamic Sharia thoughts and practices.

Secondly, these relationships serve to shield Islamist apologists from scrutiny as their non-Muslim partners run interference for them in the name of “tolerance.”  This phenomenon results in the third purpose; weakening the faith of non-Muslims to better prepare them for eventual Muslim dominance, as ordered by Mohammed and Allah.

The inaugural speaker at the outset of the Tri-Faith initiative was none other than the then-President of ISNA, Ingrid Mattson, a woman who has gone on to become perhaps the most prolific producer of Islamist propaganda in the nation, through her academic positions and through interfaith projects.

The Global Faith Institute has exposed these connections time and again, yet the local newspaper and television stations have turned a blind eye, preferring to bask in the reflected light of worldwide attention focused on this one-of-a-kind project in our little city of Omaha.  That, and the fact that nearly all of this project is being funded by Warren Buffett’s daughter Susie and Daddy Warren owns the only newspaper in town.

That hasn’t stopped a few national media outlets from taking a gander at this religiously polygamous orgy, (using Pastor Elnes’ description) and discovering that the Muslim leg of the stool is surprisingly hollow.  Billing itself as a “non-denominational” Mosque, open to both Sunni and Shiite, the board and membership of this Mosque boast no Shiites whatsoever.  In fact, they boast hardly any membership at all.

Local Muslims (outside of the five families that comprise nearly the entirety of membership in the Tri-Faith Mosque) want nothing to do with the project, fearing that it will become a target for lone-wolf attackers who aren’t affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood brand of civilizational jihad.  There are already two Sunni Mosques and one Shia Mosque in Omaha, and none of them plan to attend or become involved in the Tri-Faith Initiative.

With virtually no connections to the local Muslim community in Nebraska and Western Iowa, one might be forgiven for wondering why tens of millions of dollars are being pumped into this project to serve a group of families numbering less than fifty people.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that technically no longer exists.  Banned in 1949 for their involvement in political assassinations, they have since chosen to operate through front groups, usually modeled on their original structure of a mainstream wing and a secret wing (al Genah el sirry).  The mainstream wing puts on the happy face for popular consumption while the secret wing pulls the strings and does the dirty work.

There aren’t any road signs to “Muslim Brotherhood HQ” or membership cards that say “Member in Good Standing in al Genah el sirry,” but these organizations are well known around the world as the foremost purveyors of Islamic subversion and violence.

Al Qaeda, HAMAS, ISIS are all part of al Genah el sirry, just as CAIR, ISNA and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) are integral operations in the mainstream wing that makes the secret wing work.

Congressman Ashford, speaking about the bloody terrorist blasts in Brussels, pointed to Omaha’s Tri-Faith Initiative as a solution to such violence.  As ridiculous as his statement sounds, he unwittingly tapped into the truth…

The only ones who can call a halt to terrorist violence are those who fund them, organize them and give them orders – the mainstream wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Isn’t is handy that we have a significant HQ for that wing going in right here in Omaha.  Congressman Ashford won’t have far to drive.

Understanding “Radicalization” is easy…

doing something about it is hard.

Understanding “Radicalization” - Islamic Center of America

Islamic Center of America

Islam is a religion, and Muslims are those who follow that religion.  Islam isn’t a race or ethnicity; it is entirely different. All religions form some sort of congregation, a place where their followers may gather to worship, but Islam goes much further. Islam requires the formation of a state, a political entity to govern Allah’s (the god of Islam) kingdom on earth.

This kingdom is to be ever-expanding until it encompasses all of the earth and everything in it. It is this aspect of Islam that takes it from religion to theocratic political system, and the unyielding requirement to spread Islam by any means necessary renders this theocratic/political construct dangerous – even lethal – to the rest of the non-Muslim world.

Muslims are called to fight to establish that theocratic kingdom in which Muslims will be the first class citizens and all will be governed by Allah’s given law – Sharia. A Muslim must continue this fight until it is unconditionally successful. This struggle, known as Jihad, is the highest calling, and most rewarded behavior in all of Islam.

Some Muslims choose to answer that call with brutal violence in furtherance of their kingdom, fighting and dying in service to the cause, believing they are securing their salvation, while other Muslims support the cause in less lethal ways, through propaganda and political scheming.

Still other Muslims ignore the call almost entirely, leaving the task for other Muslims to perform. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are opposed, just simply unwilling to exercise that level of devotion to their religion.

Muslims who answer the call of Allah to establish Allah’s kingdom on earth are described in the west as “radical” Islamists, yet they are only pursuing the full call of their religious devotion. They aren’t radical, they are devout.

The issue is at once complex and simple…there is no guarantee that the less devout Muslim (who pose no present threat) will not grow in their devotion, becoming dangerous and violent as the American-raised attacker in San Bernardino. The establishment of Allah’s kingdom on earth is preached and taught in every Mosque in America – indeed, in the entire world – and these less devout Muslims feel the burden of constant guilt for falling short in their devotion to their god.

In Islamic doctrine, sin is cumulative.  The missed prayer, the sipped beer, will all be remembered and punished in eternity unless expunged.  Mosques all over the world place heavy emphasis on this concept.

In Christianity, Jesus’ blood was shed in a “once for all” sacrifice to redeem believers from sin, cleansing us in preparation of an eternity spent with God.

In Islam (where a great deal of doctrine is a mirror opposite of Christianity) the Muslim is told to shed the blood of others to be free of the soul-crushing weight of all those sins accumulated in life.

Why did the 9/11 terrorists spend their final night engaged in heavy drinking and debauchery at a strip club?  They were devout Muslims and this behavior is haram (unclean, forbidden) in Islam.

Because they knew the next day they would be cleansed of those sins by flying planes full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people.  This act of jihad in service to the establishment of Allah’s earthly kingdom was their “Allah-approved” path to salvation.

This is why you see worldly Muslims suddenly turn to vicious acts of barbarism (like the young female suicide bomber in Paris). They are seeking to redeem their souls.

Imams frequently take misguided and troubled Muslim youth, adrift in permissive western societies, and convince them that only jihad can save them from the eternal fires of Hell.

This is what we fight. Redemption from sin is the prize dangled before the Muslim, and martyrdom through Jihad is the path to salvation.

We aren’t fighting radicals within the religion of Islam, we are threatened by increasing devotion within the religion of Islam.

It is an essential distinction to understand, and we can no longer afford to recoil from the sad realization that Islam, as taught and practiced today, is wholly incompatible with a free society.  Before we can have a fruitful discussion of the subject, we must first accept the truth.



Ben Carson’s Right

Ben Carson isn’t a bigot – he is absolutely right.  A Muslim should not be president of the United States.  If Islam were merely a religion, then Dr. Carson would indeed be misguided, but Islam is so much more.  Islam is everything to the Muslim.

Islam is a way of life – a political and judicial system all its own, encompassing every aspect of the Muslim’s life.  It orders his activities based on the strictures of Islamic law – modeled on the actions and beliefs of the perfect man of Islam, Mohammed, not some corrupt social construct of the kafir (infidels).

Of course, in America, that “corrupt social construct” is the Constitution, and we recognize it as the supreme law of the land.  However, a Muslim cannot do so without rebelling against his/her own faith.  Islam is indeed wholly incompatible with the governance of a constitutional republic.

This reality will not stop the left from losing their collective (and collectivist!) minds over the whole subject.  We know that truth will never deter a liberal from pushing an agenda, despite overwhelming evidence that their agenda is a catastrophe looking for a suitable disaster area.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), the self-described Muslim civil rights advocacy group, has already weighed in, calling for Carson to withdraw from the presidential race.  In doing so, they may have become a bit too clever, as their status as a 501(c)(3) is now in jeopardy, what with their becoming involved “either for or against any candidate for public office.”

Will the Obama politicized IRS pursue the revocation of CAIR’s non-profit status?  I have a greater chance of being appointed ambassador to the Milky Way galaxy than America has of seeing anything resembling justice coming from this “Justice” Department.

Whether you believe that Dr. Carson is a good choice as leader of the free world or not, we all owe him a debt of gratitude for mentioning the unmentionable: Islam is the problem, and because of the teachings of Islam, its adherents cannot be entrusted with the responsibilities of high office.

You see, delusion is a mental defect that compels those who suffer from it to ignore reality in favor of fantasy.  Political correctness is an advanced form of delusion that compels those who suffer from it to force everyone else to adopt the same fantasies…or else.

Dr. Carson has broached the subject in an honest manner and will soon become a test case for America’s tolerance for truth – a reagent if you will, to test our society for the depth of our delusions.

I wonder if we can pass the test.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/09/ben_carsons_right.html#ixzz3mbwYmOBu

Importing Our Own Destruction

The cycle of violence is fed not by injustice or fresh new assaults on sovereignty, but rather pre-exists in the heart of the Muslim world, fueled by their fundamental organizing principle of Islam.

There are no places on earth where a significant population of Muslims are present that does not also live with violence and disruption with regularity.  This applies to both Muslim enclaves in Western democracies and to Muslim-dominated nations around the world.  Where Islam is, violence soon follows.

It is this “supremacist” aspect of Islam (note: aspect of Islam, not perversion, or interpretation of Islam) that ensures the renewal of violence even after defeat or victory.  It is the battle that is the aim, the jihad that cannot rest until the earth has submitted entirely to Islam.

Are all Muslims like this?  No, just as all Catholics don’t abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent; there is a continuum of adherence to the principles of religions that is found in Islam as it is in Christianity and Judaism.  However, there are core elements that are universally accepted in each religion, commonly shared tenets of each faith that are ubiquitous to the faith.

In Christianity, one such tenet is the concept that Jesus is the Son of God.  For Muslims, the principle of subjugating the rest of the world to Islam is equally ubiquitous, and it is this supremacist dictum that lies at the root of why violence follows Islam as night follows day.

What does this mean for the United States?  The Obama administration is pledging to accept tens of thousands of “refugees” from Syria and Iraq.  The United States has already accepted hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from around the world, and to date, their assimilation into American society is proceeding at a snail’s pace, if at all.

Warnings have been issued by European governments that terrorists (elements of ISIS and al-Qaeda) have inserted themselves into the stream of Muslim migrants currently invading Europe.  This warning, while important, misses the larger issue entirely; that being the importation (enmasse) of an ideology bent on the destruction of the host nation.  Islam doesn’t arrive to “blend in.”  It arrives to take over.

By some estimates, the composition of the “refugee” arrivals is upwards of 70% males of military age.  Clearly, war refugees flee their countries with both wives and children, while migrants traveling for economic opportunity typically send a father or son ahead to prepare the way for the rest of the family to follow.

There are certainly some war refugees amid the masses currently flooding Europe, but they are just as certainly a minority of the whole, and the likelihood that these Muslim men, coming from Muslim-dominated nations intend to culturally assimilate into the societies of Europe is statistically nil.

Over the coming months, America will be asked (then told!) to accept “our share” of “refugees.”  Incomprehensibly, these “refugees” will be almost entirely Muslim, despite the fact that it is the Christian and other non-Muslims of the region who are truly in danger, with tens of thousands already slaughtered and enslaved as a part of the Islamic subjugation.

It has been said that just because a group of Sunni Muslims is fleeing extermination from a group of Shia Muslims – or vice-versa – doesn’t mean that either is innocent in the conflict.  Should the pursued become more numerous than the pursuers, they will immediately turn and put their former tormenters to the sword.  Both flee from each other, but neither is really a “refugee.”

If you are a regular follower of the Global Faith Institute, then you understand “civilizational jihad,” the process by which Muslims seek to overwhelm host nations through immigration and the exploitation of western values of religious tolerance and liberty.

We screen new arrivals at the border for diseases because we don’t want to permit the importation of infections for which we have little or no natural immunity.  In the case of Islam, we are indeed importing the infection itself, subsequently refusing to quarantine the carriers from the native population out of a misguided sense of tolerance.

Germany has committed to accepting millions of Islamic “refugees” over the next 10 years – 800,000 this year alone, followed by half-a-million more each year thereafter – in the hopes that the infusion of new laborers can offset the ridiculously anemic birth rate of native Germans.  Combine migration at such extreme levels with a government so enamored of multiculturalism that they will prosecute their own citizens for speaking against the policy, and you have the stuff of an invasion.

Under what circumstances has any nation permitted an influx of a different culture at such extreme levels and remained sovereign?  I’ll give you a hint… it hasn’t ever happened. Ever.

Unless Germany reverses course, they will become a Muslim nation within 15 years and native Germans will live under the rule of their new Muslim overlords, dhimmis in their own land.

Remember, someone asking for political asylum is not guaranteed to be deserving.  Each of the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were asylum seekers when they arrived on our shores.  How’d that work out?

American law or Sharia law?

The preference of American Muslims in Minneapolis

Recently, a filmmaker sought to discover the feelings of Muslim residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood regarding American law and Sharia law.  Specifically, he asked which they would rather follow and see enforced as the “law of the land.”

“Do you feel more comfortable living under American law or … Shariah law?”

The responses put the lie to the idea that American Muslims are somehow following a more moderate version of Islam than the followers of Mohammed in other parts of the world.

While American Muslims are culturally more advanced than their overseas counterparts, when it comes to Islam, they are cuttings from the same root and are only inhibited in growth by the strictures of American law.  This fact makes the filmmaker’s question all the more salient.

The filmmaker also asked about the appropriate response to those who would insult the Prophet.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, most felt there should be a law against it.  An American law.

After watching this video, I think you might feel differently about the impact of Islam on American society.