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Israel in the Heartland’s Event Speech

A Speech By Dr. Mark Christian

“Israel is a miracle. My life is a miracle. I would be dead if it wasn’t for America. The United States was and is and will always be the hope and the dream that makes miracles “a reality.” America moves those dreams and hopes from the fiction novels to the history books.

Israel exists today because of the support and the backing of America. America was there in 1945 and 1948 and in 1956 and in 1967 and in 1973 and in 1979 and in 1996 — America has always been there, and America is there now and praise God, AMERICA IS BACK AGAIN!

America does that because we are one nation under God with justice and liberty for all. Nothing is more Justice than fulfilling God’s promises. Israel is not a promise by a leader; not a promise by nation; not a promise by an activist; not a promise by a movement; not a promise by an organization. Israel is a promise by God. When God promises, He fulfills His promises even after 2,000 years. Because God fulfills all His promises, including His promise of salvation, God keeps His promise and all that we must do is to keep the faith.

Both my wife’s father and my dad were in the Egyptian army at the time of the Six Day War. Both of our dads almost got killed and that would have meant that we wouldn’t be here today or ever been born into this life. We are not here to celebrate the defeat of our parents or the army of our native country, but we are here to celebrate God’s victory.

What a Victorious God He is over all things and all evils and all sin!

America doesn’t only accomplish miracles, but America also provides the safety and security and the liberty to celebrate all of those miracles. And that is what we did on May 23, 2017….celebrate yet another miracle of Jerusalem’s reunification with Israel and the return of the Jewish people from 2000 years of exile, since the destruction of the temple by the Romans and the diaspora of the Jewish people.”

Calling all Prayer Warriors

The Global Faith Institutes has come under fierce attack and we would ask you to join us in praying for the work of the Institute and for Dr. Mark Christian and his family.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:11, “Blessed are you when men cast insults at you, and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, on account of Me.”

The greatest encouragement in that verse is the affirmation that we at Global Faith Institute are, indeed, doing God’s work, and for that reason, we are being persecuted. We stand strong and united in our resolve to continue being a witness to the Muslim of the life-changing redemption offered by Jesus Christ.

Over the recent weekend, our Facebook page came under a virulent attack in an organized effort from several individuals intent upon smearing our name and mission. Leaving one-star reviews and using rhetoric like “hateful bigots” and “intolerant liars” and “violent anti-Muslim group” caused many of our supporters to rally and reach out to the “reviewers.” By reaching out with Scripture and love, many of those posting hateful comments reacted in anger and revealed that they were Satanists, atheists, agnostics, and one young lady said she was putting a spell on a GFI supporter. Their admissions were revelatory and affirmed our belief that the assault had less to do with their supposed support of Islam and more to do with their hatred of Christianity.

Ephesians 6: 11-17 is our creed as we continue to bring light to a very dark world. “Put on the full armor of God, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. Stand firm, therefore, having girded your loins with Truth, and having put on the breastplate of Righteousness, and having shod your feet with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace; in addition to all, taking up the shield of Faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one. And take up the helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

God’s word tells us that where two or more are gathered in agreement in prayer, He will be among us. We humbly request that our supporters encircle this ministry with your prayers so that our work may continue unhindered.

Terrorizing Christmas

What the great Islamic hijacking of Berlin reveals

– – Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Terrorizing Christmas

Photo by: Michael

Sohn Sorrow: Mourners held a vigil Wednesday, two days after a lone-wolf terrorist used a truck to carry out a massacre at a Christmas market in Berlin. (Associated Press)


“Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner). Four simple words uttered by President John F. Kennedy on June 26, 1963 against the geopolitical backdrop of the Berlin Wall. Four words as appropriate today as they were 53 years ago.

Today in Berlin, Cairo and across the globe, Christians are crying out for us to stand against their oppressors with the same strength of character our late president showed the world.

But we live in an age of political correctness run amok, in which Christians are hesitant about showing their faith or wishing others a Merry Christmas. We are expert at ensuring we do not offend and we change our words to protect the sensitivities of others. We pluck the manger scenes out of our public squares, and even from our churches, as clergy want to avoid offending Muslims or any other non-Christian sect.

After the events of recent days, Americans have the opportunity to say that we will stand up to the assaults waged against our way of life by Islamists who seek our destruction. [] Read full article on The Washington Times


Some of the most amazing and sobering words in the Bible are found in the minor Old Testament prophet Habakkuk 2:20, “But the LORD is in His Holy Temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him” (ESV). Context is king when it comes to studying the Bible and especially important when one grabs only one verse and expands upon it.

What led up to the words of the prophet about God being in His Holy Temple and that all the earth should keep silent? Do those words offer any wisdom for us today to listen to and heed?

The setting for this very important book in the Old Testament is just before the mighty Babylon overran the nation of Israel or the southern part of the nation called Judah. Habakkuk is seeing the approaching Babylonians and is questioning God as to how He can let an evil nation overrun the one nation that He called His own.

In the prophet’s first complaint, he calls out to God and wonders why He is not answering. It seemed that only evil would prevail and God was not doing anything, or so he thought. God responded to the prayer of Habakkuk by telling him that He was sending a great and terrifying nation who cannot be stopped to exile the nation Judah.

God’s response did not satisfy the prophet as to why all this was happening. So he complained again, but this time telling God of His own character and that it seemed contrary to His own character that He would allow this to happen. But at the end of his second complaint he said, “I will take my stand at my watchpost and station myself on the tower, and look out to see what He will say to me, and what I will answer concerning my complaint” (Habakkuk 2:1, ESV).

God then answered with words that put the prophet at ease, or possibly unease, with “wait for it” or what I promised many years before will take place. It will take time and My promises will be evident in time. Humility and faith are the two keys in being one who trusts in what God has promised in the past and that it will come to fruition.

The verses adjacent to the amazing and sobering words at the beginning of this article consist of warnings to the nation that will overrun God’s promised nation. These are warnings of dire consequences for those who desire to take the place of God and rule the world for themselves with evil intentions and apart from God. The warnings are clear: this plundering nation might have the upper hand, but only for a short time because “The LORD is in His Holy Temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him.”

We are told through these inspired words that God is in control, He is sovereign, over all things that take place to Israel and over all the earth. The Psalmist in 115:3 writes the same truth in different terms, “Our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases” (ESV).

Jerry Bridges clearly tells us what this means. “God does whatever He pleases. This is the essence of God’s sovereignty: His absolute independence to do as He pleases and His absolute control over the actions of all His creatures. No creature, person, or empire can either thwart His will or act outside the bounds of it” (31 Days Toward Trusting God, Jerry Bridges, NavPress, 2013, p. 31).

All of what has happened, is and will happen, are in God’s plan and under His perfect, peaceful control. Everything that God has promised His children ultimately will come to fruition. We must not fear but humbly trust Him to make all things work out well.

It is easy in this season to become worked up about the future of our nation and the church at large. But God is STILL in His Holy Temple and to make all things right we must keep silence before Him. It begins with the Church of God humbly presenting herself before Him and walking by faith of what He has promised the nation of Israel and the Church.

Allow God to work these amazing and sobering words into your own spirit and then live out what He says to your heart. He will never speak that which is contrary to who He is or His Scripture. Take heart in these days, turn to God and He promises to turn to you.

Ex-Muslim Imam’s Open Letter To Trump Is Chilling

Warns About Fate Of U.S.

Posted on June 15, 2016 by Dom the Conservative

Dr. Mark Christian

After recently revealing that 80 percent of American mosques are under the supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mark Christian is urging Americans to sign his petition requesting that Donald Trump pressure Muslims to take responsibility for their religion’s violent nature.

An ex-Muslim and former imam with insider information about the Muslim Brotherhood has broken his silence after the terrorist attack in Orlando, speaking directly to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Giving an alarming warning to Americans about Muslims in the U.S., the Christian convert has come forward to expose exactly what’s going on in thousands of mosques across the country.

Dr. Mark Christian of the Global Faith Institute hasn’t only risked his life to speak out about Islam, he has a price on his head for committing the unforgivable sin punishable by death under Sharia — converting to another faith. Although he is now a Christian leader who drives a steadfast campaign against political, militant, and social Islam, he attributes this to his sinister revelation as an up-and-coming imam in Egypt.

Raised to preach Islam since early childhood, Dr. Christian became a military physician at the El-Maadi Military Medical Center in Cairo, treating prominent government officials including the family of President Hosni Mubarak. Although his father and uncle are still considered high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood members, Dr. Christian’s conversion has inspired him to warn the U.S. of the terrifying fate that awaits if we continue to embrace “the religion of peace.”

After recently warning that 80 percent of the 2,800 mosques in America are under the direct supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Christian is pleading with Trump in an open letter to crack down on Islamic terrorism at its source — theological Islam. By urging Americans to sign his petition to Trump, he promises to ask the Republican candidate to “take a stand to protect the American public and uphold the U.S. Constitution” from the domestic enemy that is creeping Islam.

Requiring only a name and email address, the petition outlines 4 major points that, if adopted by Trump, would drastically alter the future of America.

  1. Require the Islamic institutions in America to admit the fault within the Islamic teaching and Islamic theology that led to the Orlando terrorist attack.
  2. Require that Islamic institutions discontinue speech and actions that victimize any group, whether they are LGBT, women, or peoples of other faiths.
  3. Demand they take drastic steps towards changing the Islamic message throughout the Islamic mosques in America to abide with the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America, and preach against violence, hatred and killings of LGBT, women and those who believe differently.
  4. If the Islamic community refuses, hold them complicit and accountable in perpetrating the anti-American rhetoric of Sharia and entirely responsible for every person wounded or killed as a result of any teachings in compliance with Sharia.

“Obama is questioning the need of calling the threat ‘radical Islam,’” Dr. Christian said, turning his focus to President Barack Obama’s ineptitude in the war on terror. “The Orlando shooter, Mr. President, was let go twice after an FBI investigation because they were looking for organizational terrorist links and not devoutness to a radical religion, but if they had done that we wouldn’t be mourning the death of 49 Americans now.” … Read full article on Mad World News

Why Speaking the Truth About Islamic Terror Matters

Mateen was following Sharia directives, yet the left won’t acknowledge it

Why Speaking the Truth About Islamic Terror Matters

The Orlando shooter, we have learned, beat and abused his wife. President Obama tells us these are the acts of a mentally disturbed man and we must ramp up gun control to keep it from happening again. The reality, however, is that the shooter’s actions proved him to be a devout Muslim who abided by the teaching from the Quran on how one should discipline a disobedient wife.

The rest of the country, and especially Christians, are the true enemy, in the view of the left — and the downtrodden must stick together through thick and thin.

The political left is once again manufacturing a false narrative to keep the public in the dark about Islamic terror. The latest example comes from the tragedy in Orlando and CNN news anchor Don Lemon. Lemon, as an openly gay member of the press corps, is in a position of power to lead the narrative about what happened at Pulse, when 49 members of the LGBT community were summarily executed by an adherent to Islam,

Hours after the shootings, Lemon said, “The shooter in Orlando is clearly someone who has distorted Islam.” … Read more on FaithZette

EgyptAir flight MS804 was no random target

By Dr. Mark Christian and Joe Herring

We are entering a new era – one in which terrorists place bombs in the sky and detonate them whenever they see fit.  EgyptAir MS804 is just the latest example of their ability to transform an airliner into an IED.

Authorities almost immediately agreed that MS804 was likely the victim of a terrorist attack.  However, they aren’t able to discern how that took place, given the extensive passenger screening the flight underwent on each leg of its journey.

Ascertaining the method requires a look at the history of this particular flight, and an honest appraisal of who stood to gain from the destruction of this plane and the brutal slaughter of its passengers and crew.

Photo by American ThinkerSince 9/11, airline security has been focused on passengers and their luggage.  Recent terror events however, such as the explosion of the Russian jetliner over the Sinai Peninsula in October, make the case that our focus ought to turn to those who manage airport security and/or have access to aircraft while it is on the ground.  Every plane coming out of an area of unrest and Islamist activity is a potential bomb in the skies.

This plane, which originated in Cairo as MS803, was set for a round-trip journey to Paris.  The plane was on the ground in Cairo a full 24 hours before departing for Paris at 4:50 pm (Cairo time).  It arrived in Paris at 9:40 pm (Paris time) and by 10:45 pm, had taken off for the return leg of the journey.  

While on the ground in Paris there was little time for a thorough security check of the aircraft, but due to the short turnaround, there was equally little time to smuggle a bomb on board, especially in light of the increased security presence at Charles de Gaulle Airport.  

Exactly six hours from the time it originally departed Cairo, the plane made its two inexplicable maneuvers before disappearing entirely, almost certainly from a catastrophic mid-air explosion.

This timeline would suggest that the lethal device was already on the airliner before it left Cairo.

The terrorists who placed the explosive device on MS804, I believe, were embedded among the security personnel entrusted with sweeping the aircraft for potential danger in Cairo.  There are reasons to suspect the compromise of the security personnel in Egypt other than opportunity and access.  Events in Egypt in recent weeks provide some insight.

Beginning a fortnight ago, the country of Egypt has been wracked with violence and unrest between Muslim Brotherhood sponsored rioters and the government of Egyptian President el-Sisi.  

Egyptian National Police (the equivalent of our Homeland Security, FBI, and CIA rolled into one) are themselves perpetrating much of the violence, directed at their own citizens.  Hundreds of shops, hotels, and historic shopping areas throughout the country have been put to the torch, further crippling an already weak and tottering economy.  Citizens are threatened and assaulted daily by members of the National Police; an organization that appears to be unraveling themselves – perhaps irreparably.

The National Police have been infiltrated and undermined by a number of Muslim Brotherhood members/sympathizers; many of whom had participated in the Arab Spring uprising, sabotaging police efforts to regain control of Tahrir Square. They were not relieved from their duties for their actions, but only reassigned, giving rise to speculation that the Muslim Brotherhood had “friends in high places” among the security apparatus of the Egyptian government.

These same officers surfaced again recently, as the prime suspects in the assassination of eight police officials.  The eight plainclothes officers died when the mini bus in which they were traveling was showered with bullets from a nearby truck. More than 100 shell casings were found on the scene.  The men responsible have melted back into the background and at the time of this writing, have not been found.

The Muslim Brotherhood briefly gained power with the election of their leader, Mohammed Morsi following the deposing of then-President Hosni Mubarak during the so-called “Arab Spring.”  Elated at having achieved their decades-old goal of seizing the reins of power, Morsi and his supporters began a series of actions to consolidate and secure their positions indefinitely – essentially ensuring that no challenger would ever succeed in removing the Brotherhood from power; actions which led to the overthrow of the Morsi government by the Egyptian military.  

Described as a military coup by the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Obama administration, the truth is, the military acted at the behest of the legislature, to protect the established rule of law that Morsi had declared void.

The Brotherhood will do whatever necessary to regain power in Egypt.  Their most effective tactic thus far has been to make the current president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, appear weak and unable to keep his promises to restore security, prosperity and stability to the nation.

The attack against MS804, and the Russian airliner; the widespread arson of historically significant tourist areas and the internal disruption of the National Police force have all been weapons in the Brotherhood’s arsenal as they create chaos and doubt in the minds of all Egyptians.  

When faith in the el-Sisi government is irreparably broken, the people will cry out for authoritative leadership.  It is no accident an EgyptAir plane was targeted.  It is a fact that the plane was on the ground in Cairo with plenty of time for Brotherhood sympathizers among the security forces to place an explosive device on board.  The wanton and seemingly random, destruction of a few aircraft with innocent passengers aboard are useful tools in the hands of Islamists.

Add to this anarchical brew the support by el-Sisi for a French-backed plan to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians by effectively removing Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood-promoted narrative of el-Sisi “selling out” the Islamic agenda wins el-Sisi no friends in his homeland.  

With the apparent capability to turn airliners into IEDs in their arsenal, we must ask, where will the next plane come down? Flights originating and stopping in Cairo arrive in major American cities each and every day.  If the terrorists are able to bring down a plane a full six hours after placing the device on board, might they soon have the ability (if not already) to time the explosion to take place over New York City, Washington DC or some other densely populated American city?  

In nations of unrest and pervasive Islamic influence, it is crucial that not only are passengers screened, but security personnel must also be vetted and re-vetted on a random and continual basis.

Who are these security personnel and to whom do they owe their allegiance?  If we are not asking these questions and investigating the answers, we are setting the stage for further terrorist attacks from our skies.

The men we are dealing with are very sophisticated, endowed with nearly unlimited funding and take the long view in achieving their goals.   Our short-attention-span security policy is a weak and brittle bulwark against people willing to wait decades before making their move.  It is vital that we understand the enemy we face and focus our efforts correctly to identify those whose ideology renders them a source of danger.

Islam doesn’t have a “violence” problem…that is merely an inevitable downstream consequence of the fundamental principle that animates Islam; that being a devotion to achieving theological and political supremacy over all the earth and its people, as commanded by Islam’s prophet, Mohammed.

This teaching is a core element of Islam and renders it poisonous to humanity.  The violent targeting of innocent non-combatants is simply the tool through which this corrosive teaching finds its expression in reality.  Consequently, any meaningful opposition to terrorist aggression must first recognize and target this teaching as both illegitimate and illegal to propound.

Central to surviving in this new era is the recognition that these incidents are not isolated events.  Whether perpetrated by this terror group or that terror group, our enemy is easily identified and their motives discerned (and their intentions thwarted!) if we only have the political courage to do so.  


The author is the founder and executive director of the Global Faith Institute – globalfaith.org – and is an Egyptian émigré’ to the United States and a convert to Christianity.  His father and uncle remain high-ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in his former home of Cairo.

The co-author is a freelance writer and serves as the communications director for the Global Faith Institute who welcomes comments and visitors to his website readmorejoe.com

Congressman Louie Gohmert

Congressman Louie Gohmert

Congressman Louie Gohmert


Occasionally you get the chance to spend time with a genuine, authentic person; comfortable in their own skin to the point that they can look outward without the awkwardness of self-doubt and appraise the world with the experience they’ve gained through self-mastery.

Congressman Louie Gohmert, of the 1st District of Texas is one such man.

A gracious man – admirably successful, yet delightfully humble – Louie is the sort of person who would correct you if you still called him “Congressman” after shaking his hand.  “Call me Louie, please.”

This past Monday, a full room of elected officials, candidates and other patriots at the DC Center in Omaha were treated to an enlightening discussion of the difficulties we face moving forward in our nation, and more importantly, inspired by the wisdom of a “servant-leader” offering a way forward, full of hope.

Joe Herring

Joe Herring, Emcee

The night began with a lovely meal, catered by the staff of the DC Center, followed by an introduction to the proceedings by emcee, Joe Herring.

Dr. Mark Christian spoke first, delivering a powerful testimony and an equally powerful plea to protect the religious freedoms that drew him to America.

Dr. Mark Christian

Dr. Mark Christian

Outlining the path by which he came to the United States, full of hope and anticipation of deepening his new Christian faith in a land where freedom of worship is sacred, Dr. Christian told of the intervention by Muslim colleagues at the University where he worked; the threats, the humiliation and the hatred he endured once they discovered he had left Islam.

The audience felt the pain in his voice, the sting that comes with being the target of ridicule and threats.  The audience also felt the exhilaration when he described the strength of his faith, and the sustaining power of Jesus.

It was a moving moment, and one that will be long remembered by those in attendance.

Congressman Gohmert then took the podium, speaking with an honesty and what I can only describe as “vulnerability,” as he bared his soul regarding the fate of our nation, and the role we who love the Constitution must play.

He told jokes, he pulled back the curtain on Washington politics and revealed the machinations of both the Left, and those among the Republicans who enable them.

He filled in the blanks evident in the media narratives that shaped public opinion on several high-profile issues.  He named names, and described meetings where the truth was not only ignored, but forcefully so.  By members of his own party.

All in all, it was a stellar evening.  A triumphant success for the Global Faith Institute and the many other organizations who shared sponsorship.

If you were there, you know that.  If you weren’t, well… how many more wonderful events are you going to miss before you remember to keep GFI at the top of your calendar?  In all seriousness, we do our best to bring you timely and informative speakers and events.  Please join our mailing list and recommend us to your friends.

Together, we can do as Louie said and “still turn this dang thing around the right way!”


A Muslim view of radical Islam

Jihad festers where believers look the other way

Muslim view of radical islam - Illustration on the core problem with Islam by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Illustration on the core problem with Islam by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times


Few issues divide the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates as starkly as their view of Islam. Republican front-runner Donald Trump claims flatly that “Islam hates us” while Sen. Ted Cruz, suggests we should begin patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in search of terrorist plots birthed by “radicalized” Muslims.

Meanwhile, President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spend an inordinate amount of their time praising Muslim-Americans, citing the enormous contributions they’ve made to our country and way of life. Mrs. Clinton argues that what Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz have said and propose are offensive and “dangerous,” while Mr. Obama refuses to admit that today’s terrorists are in any way motivated by their religion.

At the same time, the Muslim community is deafeningly silent, and the radicals among them couldn’t be happier. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are, in essence, enabling their cause by encouraging us to embrace Islam uncritically while turning a blind eye to the radical jihadists within its ranks. They are helping those who wish to lull us into complacency in the face of the threat they pose.

They reject Mr. Trump’s claim that there is something about Islam that “hates us” without asking whether it might be true, why it might be true and what can be done about it if it is. The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it is because we are Islamophobic, profiling Muslims and discriminating against them socially, politically and economically. These “reasons” play to the leftist sense of guilt, but the question remains: Why the repeated Muslim attacks? Is it because the “radicalized” Muslims are feeling disenfranchised and frustrated by a lack of opportunity? Paris attacker Najim Laachraoui had an engineering degree and the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook, held a good job in environmental health. The Chattanooga shooter who, last year, killed five U.S. servicemen, had a degree in electrical engineering. These men didn’t turn to terror because they couldn’t find work or were economically disadvantaged.

It’s time to end the argument about whether some Muslims have hijacked and perverted their faith. That is for the Muslims to work out among themselves. The fact is, these acts are being committed in the name of Allah and unless we understand that, we will never be able to deal with it.

Judeo-Christianity requires us to forgive and to accept responsibility, as we did for the Crusades and the Inquisition. Our inclination is to own up to our past mistakes rather than blame others.

Contrast that with Islam, and what the Koran and the Hadiths teach. When Allah calls on his followers to kill those who will not submit to Islam, does he sound like the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition? When Allah then tells them that killing themselves in acts of murderous barbarity against the infidel is the only path to redemption from the condemnation of sin, does he sound like the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? When Allah demands all of this to ensure his kingdom can be established on earth, does this sound like the God who taught us to “love our enemies”?

Christians and Muslim follow very different religions, and we must not equate one with the other. The men who blew up the airport terminal in Belgium were pictured calmly pushing their bombs through the terminal. They didn’t look particularly evil or nervous. They were devout Muslims, earning redemption in the only way possible.

We are dealing with a dangerous religious and sociopolitical system that won’t vanish just because we pretend it doesn’t exist. Muslims who want to live in peace with their neighbors must deal with their problems through a heartfelt reformation of a religion hostile to non-believers. Jihad is the core element of the Islamic mindset and we are living through a true clash of civilizations.

We will not win if we don’t open our eyes to the reality of who we are facing. While we blame ourselves for what is happening, Muslims are continuing to protect their own, even those who have committed terroristic acts they would never dream of committing themselves. They protect and enable those who are living out their faith according to the Koran. I know because I was once one of them until I walked away from my faith years ago. If I ever return to my native Egypt, I would be killed as an apostate by the followers of this religion of peace.

Muslims hid Osama bin Laden for nearly 10 years. One of the Paris jihadists, Salah Abdeslam, escaped to his home in Brussels where, hiding in plain sight, he eluded arrest for four months. His neighbors had to know he was there, but no one blew his cover.

We are dealing with something more sinister, more devious and much more destructive than restless young men who are treated unfairly; we are dealing with jihadists who are protected by non-militants who believe in their hearts the jihadists are right.

We may not like it, but we have to face the ugly truth: Islam hates us — because Allah tells his followers they must.

Article published in The Washington Times, April 4th, 2016: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/apr/4/mark-christian-a-muslim-view-of-radical-islam/

Don’t be deceived…

Sometimes things happen that challenge our beliefs, undermine our faith and at times, even lead us astray.  There are many paths away from God, all well-worn from frequent travel, but the choices we make to help us get to God sometimes lead us astray as well.

Christians inevitably lean toward forgiveness, always willing to permit a fresh start for those who repent and return, however what if there is no real repentance and the return isn’t for fellowship but for destruction?  So it is with Islam.

In such cases, the Christian would be wise to exercise caution, born of discernment.

Sure, we all wish for harmony between religions and peace between nations, but we also wish to win the lottery and live a stress-free life.  Clearly we don’t base our daily household decisions assuming lottery millions are just around the corner, so why then do we base our fellowship decisions on an assumption of enduring peace and harmony?

Especially since there has never been a time in human history where such a period existed; certainly not since Mohammed launched his club.

Given this uncomfortable reality, watching the bubble of ecumenism swelling more rapidly with each passing month causes the prudent to question how long the bubble will hold before explosion and collapse; and how many lives it might take when it does.

The Muslim invasion of Europe (disguised as a refugee crisis) has already strained European society to the breaking point.  Ordinary citizens are watching their birthright handed to interlopers in the name of “tolerance” and unity.

The already increasingly secular societies of the European Union fail to grasp the significance of importing millions of people who don’t view their religion as a quaint anachronism, but rather as an obligation, a duty upon which their very soul depends.

Even those charged with spreading the Gospel and guarding the truth are bastardizing the foundational tenets of faith in order to accommodate the heretical and brutal beliefs of their new Islamist neighbors.

Neighbors for now, overseers later.  The governments of Europe are no longer defending their own people from the predations of the uninvited.  They are indeed making insane allowances for the criminal behavior of Muslims while prosecuting the least instance of resistance by native citizens.

Don't Be DeceivedThe Church is not innocent by any means.  Pope Francis has embraced this weak-kneed schoolgirl ecumenism with a zealot’s heart, going so far as to wash, dry and kiss the feet of Muslim “refugees” during the Maundy Thursday ceremonies meant to commemorate Christ’s washing of the Apostle’s feet.

This ceremony has always been reserved for the Catholic faithful, until now, when Francis unilaterally changed the rule to permit anyone of any faith to participate.  Acting as a true social justice warrior, the Pope has taken a sacred ceremony of worship and turned it into an annual politically correct photo-op.  The world is a bleaker place for it.

So what of it?  Is the world really worse off for the Pope connecting with a wider group of human beings?

Well, that would depend on the human beings, wouldn’t it?

Islam doesn’t exist to reach comfortable accommodations with other faiths.  Islam doesn’t exist to stand side by side with non-Muslims.  Islam exists to subjugate the earth, and all in it, to Allah.  Either Islam reigns supreme, or Islam fights.

To do as Pope Francis, is merely illustrating weakness and foolishness to the Muslim mind.  There is no admiration of Western culture among Muslims; they dismiss our successes as the benefits accruing to those who serve Satan.

There is no desire to assimilate with Western societies, because that would mean assimilating into a coven of worship with which their Prophet has commanded them to subdue and destroy.  No amount of foot washing or ecumenical interfaithery will ever change that.  It only facilitates it by opening doors better left shut and leaving foxes in charge of the hen house.

Islam is growing enormously.  From 100 Mosques in America in 2001, we now have 2300+ in 2016.  An average of one new Mosque every month for 15 years.  From the days of Mohammed until today, Islam remains the same; an immensely dangerous, anti-human form of slavery conducted in the name of a false god.

Don’t be deceived.