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Why Vladimir Putin wanted to see Hillary Clinton Defeated

“We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.” – National Security Report released Friday, Jan. 6.

These are the conclusions of the national security agencies we have watching out for the best interests of the United States and its citizens. The fact that they cannot see the truth for the thick veil of propagandistic drivel they are offering at the behest of the lame-duck Obama administration should surprise no one.

So, let me be clear. If there was, indeed, Russian influence in the election, it most certainly had nothing to do with Donald J. Trump and everything to do with Hillary R. Clinton. In fact, Trump gave Putin three very significant reasons not to support his campaign. First, Trump advocates for more drilling in the United States, thereby increasing our energy independence. This will hurt Russia as a player in the oil markets.

Second, Trump advocates expanding and strengthening our military. And third, which goes hand-in-hand with the second, is Trump’s desire to increase our nuclear arsenal rather than continuing a draw-down. Any one of the three Trump initiatives, for which Clinton was on the opposite side, would have been enough to guarantee Russia’s opposition to his candidacy.

Russia’s preference, clearly, was anyone but Hillary. And if they used influence to affect the election in the United States, it was not by hacking voting machines or threatening voters to change their ballot. They simply used the words of Clinton, John Podesta, and the DNC against themselves. What Putin and the Russians were able to expose in the actual emails was election rigging against Bernie Sanders, media collusion with the Clinton camp, and other election dirty dealings on behalf of the Democratic party.

And that’s where they got their feelings hurt. Just as a child throwing a tantrum would do, Clinton and her ilk immediately began pointing fingers and assessing blame. “The Russians did it,” they cried, and Obama’s security agencies added credibility to that statement with the recently released report. Why did the Russians do it, they pondered? Their official conclusion follows: “Putin most likely wanted to discredit Secretary Clinton because he has publicly blamed her since 2011 for inciting mass protests against his regime in late 2011 and early 2012, and because he holds a grudge for comments he almost certainly saw as disparaging him.”

Comical! Vladimir Putin, in spite of all of the policies that could potentially be detrimental to Russia espoused by Donald Trump, favored a Trump win for one clear reason – Trump will not follow the Obama/Clinton Islamic supremacist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, and will instead root out the hardline Islamic influence installed in the upper echelons of the United States government. Their toxic agenda to replace secular regimes throughout the Middle East with Islamic theocracies must be stopped before the globe is overrun by radical Islamic governments.

Putin has always been on the other side of that equation, viewing the foreign policy goals of Obama/Clinton as nothing short of disastrous for the world. And he’s absolutely correct in that assessment. While the Middle East is burning, Europe is on the fast track to the same fate. Eight years under Obama has put a similar transformation of the United States into hyper-drive. Four more years under Hillary Clinton would have sealed our fate.

It was in Putin’s and Russia’s best interest to reveal the dark agenda of Clinton and the DNC in the hopes of preserving one powerful ally against the Islamic onslaught. If it took revealing emails, the legitimacy of which have never been challenged, to inform the American public of the kind of candidate Hillary Clinton was, so be it.

The American public has spoken and the message was clear – “Enough! We want no more of the failed policies under Obama/Clinton!” It is now time to roll up our sleeves and try to repair our Republic. Jan. 20 cannot come soon enough!

America is under siege

America is under siege, but not from an outside force like ISIS. Rather, this nation is under full frontal assault from none other than our political elites – a monarchy of kings and queens who are stripping the very soul from our great land, all while fortifying their own crooked kingdoms. Aiding them in their plundering and pillaging are a group of globalist elites who finance their operations, a media propaganda machine that twists the truth into an unrecognizable beast, and an education system sold out to leftist propaganda and mind control, a la Common Core.

The Clintons, the Bushes and the Obamas are the kings and queens of America. And the will of “We the People” is little more than an insignificant bump in the road to their nefarious global agenda. Gone are the days of fair and clean elections in this country. Once the monarchy ascended the throne, all manner of assets were dispatched to ensure they maintained their lofty positions.


On the debate stage Wednesday night, I never saw a Republican Donald Trump versus a Democrat Hillary Clinton fighting for their respective platforms. Instead, I was watching a battle, for which one side has all of the advantage, and the other is fighting to hold onto America as we know it. It was “We the People”, with all of our rough edges, successes and failures, against the evil queen, with the resources of the world daring us to challenge her authority.

Donald Trump, in facing down the authority of the global elites and their explicit collusion with the White House and the entire Obama intelligence community, is made to look small. The monarchy is using every available resource, legal or illegal, to smear and belittle him.

He says the system is rigged and he is correct. Never has that been more evident than with the Project Veritas videos that reveal convicted felon and a member of the Clinton campaign’s inner circle, Robert Creamer, admitting to encouraging voter fraud and inciting violence at Trump rallies. This is the same Robert Creamer who had copious access to the Obama White House. Are we to believe that Mr. Creamer was visiting the White House more than 300 times just to take a tour? President Obama, the Clintons, and all of their little underlings are duping the American voting public on an unprecedented scale. Mr. Trump was correct – the illegal activities taking place to influence the election in favor of the elites makes the Watergate scandal, for which a president was forced to resign and men were sent to prison, look like a misdemeanor.

Conveniently, when the Clinton campaign’s dirty dealings were exposed, the Obama White House and his “intelligence” agencies were able to hand-fake the debate by giving Clinton the “Russia is hacking us” dialogue. Never mind how the information was made public! Did you or did you not say those things, Mrs. Clinton? Of course you did, so let’s just blame the Russians for exposing the truth.

The mainstream media, which we have already established is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the royals, ignored the explosive truths the videos revealed and the fact that the Clinton campaign immediately put Creamer’s head on the chopping block. Besides, his work was done so he was expendable.

Trump is not running to be the president of America for a personal agenda, but Mrs. Clinton is. Trump is running to restore America to “We the People.” That fact alone has agitated the elites into a frenzy, who never want to see the power returned to the people. How dare Trump stand up for the veterans; how dare he stand for the unborn; how dare he stand for the American people and not the illegal aliens; how dare he stand for the Judeo-Christian values upon which the Constitution and this republic were founded? The elites have one goal in mind – to keep the American people in the dark, ignorant and obedient. And they will stop at nothing to quiet Trump and his kind, smearing him and stomping him like a cockroach.

Meanwhile, Trump, without the aid of the Republican elites, is fighting to take America back to its roots. To do that, most of us will have to think back more than four decades to an America before the monarchy usurped the republic. A time to when we had an honest president who was not “owned” by the elites. President Ronald Reagan was the last of his kind who was legitimately elected rather than installed. He was, however, forced to accept the first of the rising kings in George H.W. Bush as his vice president.

Upon Bush’s installment into the American political landscape, the propaganda machine began to assemble to fulfill their role in praising the monarchy. Ted Turner did his part and created CNN. No longer was old school, honest journalism the goal. Spoon-feeding the public a message crafted by the elites became the order of the day. Four decades later and Americans can no longer find the truth in the evening news. Truth has become an inaccessible commodity, as in the days of the old Soviet Union or current day North Korea.

Here are a few truths that you must know regarding the election that you will never hear from the mainstream:

  • Hillary Clinton can smile with a superior smile because she knows she has the public fooled. She knows that the media will hide the fact that she is the woman who viciously smeared her husband’s mistresses, all the while claiming to be a champion for women.
  • Hillary Clinton claims to be a champion for children, but advocates for the deaths of millions of unborn.
  • Hillary Clinton claims to be a champion for the Latinos, but calls the Mexican community “needy.”
  • Hillary Clinton claims to eschew election violence but pays people copious amounts of money to instigate violence against Trump and his supporters.
  • Hillary Clinton openly creates lies and utilizes smear tactics for people standing for truth and Judeo Christian ethics.
  • Hillary Clinton claims to be going high when her opponents go low, all the while crafting a lewd narrative fed to the public by her propaganda machine as fact.


Mrs. Clinton rides the high horse of morality, all the while cavorting in the gutters with the rats. Trump’s assessment is correct: America ceased to be great when the Bushes, the Clintons and Obamas became the kings and queens of the United States. A country that chose Obama to be a president twice and would even consider putting crooked Hillary in the Oval Office doesn’t deserve to be the greatest nation on earth.

The only way America will be great again is by kissing the Bushes and Clintons a final goodbye and escorting them out of Washington, for only then will we restore America to “We the People”.

No one is above the law, except…

Occasionally, events occur that shake us to our core.  Much of personal character is defined by how we react in such circumstances.  The same goes for nations as well.

America has always responded well; we’ve set things right, pursuing the root causes of our failures to replace them with wise choices so we don’t repeat the same mistake again and again.

Frequently though – whether in our personal lives or as a nation – events have consequences that are overlooked.  It is these unforeseen consequences that often prove to be far more dangerous than the original event.

The FBI’s failure to recommend prosecution for Hillary Clinton’s egregious mishandling of highly classified information is one such event.

My father held the highest level security clearance possible for his entire career, with enough SAP (Special Access Program) designators to make for a small book.

Above the LawAn SAP is a category of Top Secret relating to the “need to know” for whomever holds a clearance.  Because of the nature of my father’s work, he had access across multiple SAP’s, which enabled him to access the information necessary to do his job.

The reason for all this compartmentalizing of information and access is to greatly reduce the number of people who have a “whole picture” view of our national security operations.

Even though my father was one of those who had “whole picture” understanding (his career was spent building much of that apparatus) he always knew that his career, his liberty and possibly, even his life were forfeit should he reveal what he knew, or fail to safeguard the information under his control.

During my military service, I too held a Top Secret clearance with an SAP designation permitting me to access information regarding my mission across all of NATO.  Just like my father, I knew the consequences of failure to safeguard the information to which I was privy.

You see, it isn’t enough for us to ask our clearance holders to simply not offer classified information to those who shouldn’t have it, we require much more than that to remain secure.  Every clearance holder has an affirmative duty to safeguard that information, under penalty of law.  FBI Director Comey’s contention that lack of intent to violate the law is somehow relevant to prosecution under the law is spurious.

The blatant and dismissive abuse of power revealed by the FBI’s refusal to recommend prosecution for clearly prosecutable crimes has far greater consequences than a mere election.  Politicians come and go, but the system of justice remains, and that system has been exposed as corrupt, in the most revolting of ways – with a figurative middle-finger aimed at all of us who yet cling to the apparent fiction that no one is above the law.

The 30,000-foot view is frightening indeed.  It isn’t Hillary.  It isn’t the Clinton Foundation, nor is it Obama and the Democrats.  It is the thousands of clearance holders who have taken their oaths seriously and followed the law, sometimes at the cost of their lives, to safeguard this nation’s secrets who are now given pause to reflect on their obligations to maintain that essential secrecy the next time they are approached by an agent looking for a way in.

My father was approached many times in his career by agents, both foreign and domestic, seeking access to classified information.  Clearance holders are trained to spot these approaches before they become overt, and know how to report them to the proper authorities for investigation.

Even I, (far down the classified information food-chain from my father) was approached; once for information I possessed, and another time for information about my father.  Both were duly reported and did not reoccur.

However, my Commander-in-Chief was Ronald Reagan during my military service and I had complete confidence that my chain of command adhered to the same standards as I, regarding our affirmative duty to protect what we knew.

Now that every clearance holder realizes today, that the secrets for which they were willing to die to protect are now for sale, with impunity I may add, can we be surprised if the next approach from a foreign agent comes with the pitch “Your leaders are already selling info, we’re going to find it anyway, why shouldn’t you get paid too?”

Can we blame them if the thought crosses their mind?

This is the inevitable consequence of corruption, the fact that it breeds further corruption.  I imagine foreign powers across the globe are already telling their agents to start spreading the cash…it is to our eternal shame, and likely destruction, that our own government has given its citizens reason to listen to offers.