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Global Faith Institute Will Usher In and Lead an Era
of American Awakening

No one has effectively confronted the various Muslim Brotherhood front groups at work in the United States by exposing their “cultural jihad” agenda and defeating their attacks on America, so Global Faith Institute will lead the way.  Using our unique understanding of the realities behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic agenda, we’ll act as an advocate for America’s Judeo/Christian beliefs by educating Americans and confronting the Muslim Brotherhood’s front groups at every turn.

How Did We Get Here?

The Islamic State 

– Since the inception of Islam in 610 A.D., Islam acted as both a political and religious system which was ruled by one leader (a Calipha) under a monotheistic totalitarian theocracy (Caliphate System) that governed over all Islamic territories, including the entirety of the Middle East.  This Islamic system (the Caliphate system) disintegrated in 1924 as a direct consequence of WWI.

The Dream and the Promise of a Resurrected Islamic State

The void created by the collapse of the Caliphate system spawned multiple movements to attempt a resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate system.  All of these movements were engulfed under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood (est; 1928)

– Dedicated to the return of the Islamic State (Caliphate System) using Islamic law (Sharia), values and morals as their Constitution.

– The Muslim Brotherhood realized that in order to accomplish their goals they must utilize the power and influence of the U.S., thus, they spawned many related/dependent organizations including the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which all operate within the United States.


1993 – First World Trade Center (WTC) Attack

1998 – Attacks on American Embassies in both Kenya and Tanzania

2000 – Attack on the USS Cole

2001 – September 11 WTC/Pentagon Attack


2001 thru present – After infiltrating the U.S. by using terrorism as their ‘hole in the fence’, the Islamic agenda has been to manipulate the power and influence of the United States in an effort that we (the U.S.) might assist in the reestablishment of the Islamic State.

– Dawah (New Jihad)

– Cultural invasion that envelops core segments of society.

– Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).  They’ve been tasked with targeting other faith groups, using the “interfaith”/equality model, in an effort to destroy the American family and its values, by destroying the Judeo/Christian moral and ethical fiber on which it stands.

– Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  They’ve targeted the American political and legislative system, infiltrating all aspects of government, including the U.S. military.

– Muslim Student Association (MSA).  This organization targets high school and college students in an effort to brain wash coming generations and influence the future of this country.