The New Jihad in America

Before 1993 most Muslim’s entered the United States to assimilate and escape the theocratic societies that held sway in their homelands.  Prior to this point, there were very few mosques in the U.S., and Islam couldn’t have been considered a credible threat.  It wasn’t until the first World Trade Center attacks in 1993 that Islam officially declared war on America.  It was through these cowardly attacks that, counterintuitively, Islam was able to create a ‘hole in the fence’ that enabled them to infiltrate America at every level.

Since the reprehensible attacks on September, 11th 2001, the Islamic agenda continues in America, only the tactics have changed.  The Islamic strategy has shifted toward a more devious form of attack, a cultural cancer called “Dawah”.  Americans need to understand that ‘militant’ actions, such as the World Trade Center attacks, are no less part of the Islamic agenda in America than the culture war of Dawah.  There may indeed be future militant actions, but they’re only to support the cultural conquest that is taking place simultaneously.

There are three main organizations involved in waging this culture war on America.  The first is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  They’ve targeted the American political and legislative system, infiltrating all aspects of government, including the U.S. military.  The second organization is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).  They’ve been tasked with targeting other faith groups, using the “interfaith”/equality model, in an effort to destroy the American family and its values, by destroying the Judeo/Christian moral and ethical fiber on which it stands.  Third, and what is perhaps the most insidious, is the Muslim Student Association (MSA).  This organization targets high school and college kids in an effort to brain wash coming generations and influence the future of this country.

No one is effectively confronting these three well-funded organizations in an effort to expose their agenda and defeat their attacks on America, so Global Faith Institute will lead the way.  Using our unique understanding of the realities of the Islamic agenda, we’ll act as an advocate for the church and America’s Judeo/Christian beliefs by educating Americans and confronting the Islamic agenda at every turn.