Our Mission

“To inspire the lost with the hope of Christ; to equip America with knowledge of the truth, greater than the evils of the age; to embrace the role of “Watchmen,” that we might sound an alarm for all who will listen.”


Truth…what is it?

Jesus Christ

We know that ultimate Truth is found in the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We know that we’ve been commissioned as followers of Jesus to spread His truth, by reaching out to the lost…all of them.

Throughout history many Christians have grown frustrated, discouraged and at times, even fearful of the difficulties involved in outreach to Muslims…but that unease must be overcome, because –

We know that ultimately, Muslims themselves are the first casualties of Islam.

  • Islamist doctrine teaches that peace comes only when Islam reigns supreme. We at the Global Faith Institute reject this, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Muslims who desire true peace, based on equality, not subjugation.
  • We believe in an America where each person may embrace the freedom and liberty that is intended for us by our Creator – where no one is forced to live in submission to a religious ideology.
  • We must be proactive with the truth. Our operational emphasis is on the use of educational tools, advocate training and active citizen engagement.
  • We love God. We love our Country, and we hunger for the We know there is always cause for hope; that all is not lost.

Our Vision is that others might embrace our passion, share the truths we espouse
and join us to take action toward a brighter future for all Americans.