ISRAEL in the HEARTland w/ Congresswoman Michele Bachmann & Gen. (Ret.) Aryeh Leib “Eugene” Lebovitz

A Night to Honor Israel

Featured Speaker Michele Bachmann
with Special Guest Gen. (Ret.) Aryeh Leib “Eugene” Lebovitz

May 23rd – 6pm to 9pm

Embassy Suites La Vista Conference Center
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5:30-6:15 pm VIP Reception
6:00 pm General Reception
7:00 pm Dinner

Ticket Options

$50 Dinner Ticket (Choice of Chicken or Kosher Dinner)
$100 VIP Reception Ticket
(Includes Photo Opportunity)

Sponsorship Options

$500 Bronze Sponsor – Table of 8 with Priority Seating
$1,000 Silver Sponsor 
– Table of 8 with Priority Seating and 2 VIP Reception Tickets
$3,000 Gold Sponsor 
– 2 Tables of 8 with Priority Seating and 4 VIP Reception Tickets

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Available for a limited time for free – ISRAEL in the HEARTland’s 2015 event:

This Year’s Event is May 23rd, 2017
Join us at “ISRAEL in the HEARTland,” a gala celebration of Israel and her people!

This year’s extravaganza is being held on Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalayim), the 50 year anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem as part of Israel. Bask in the ambience of Israel, recreated in Nebraska as we host the second ISRAEL in the HEARTland event featuring Michele Bachmann with Special Guest Gen. (Ret.) Aryeh Leib “Eugene” Lebovitz.

About Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was the first Republican woman to actively seek the job of President of the United States. Three years ago, without an extensive political organization, nor a significant major donor fundraising base, but with the encouragement and financial support of hundreds of thousands of common patriotic Americans, Congresswoman Bachmann entered the Presidential race. Just 60 days later, she won the first contest—the Iowa Straw Poll. That victory, and her subsequent eloquent and astute participation in 15 Republican Presidential debates, drew her international recognition and acclaim.

As a believer in the traditional values upon which America was founded, Congresswoman Bachmann consistently defends America’s religious liberties and the importance of the traditional family as a bellwether necessity for a stable society.  She has also continuously worked to defend the right to life for all Americans, including the unborn.

With our government’s massive growth and huge increase in debt under the current administration, in July 2010, Congresswoman Bachmann was motivated to establish the Congressional Tea Party Caucus—to which she was elected Chairman five years in a row. She boldly calls for a renewed focus on upholding the principles as laid forth by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

About Gen. (Ret.) Aryeh Leib “Eugene” Lebovitz

Gen. (Ret.) Aryeh Leib “Eugene” Lebovitz, is a Holocaust survivor, a hero of the 1948 Israeli/Arab war, one of the founders of the vaunted Israeli Defense forces, and a very successful retired businessman.

When I first heard of Eugene, my initial thought was, How is this man’s life not the subject of a blockbuster Hollywood movie?

He survived Auschwitz, the interminable death march that followed, multiple attempts on his life, multiple escapes and recaptures, he helped to expose war criminals.

Many men would’ve counted themselves lucky and contented themselves with leading an uneventful life. Not Eugene.

He smuggled a group of 36 Jewish orphans from Prague to Paris, then on to Antwerp where they were secreted onto a ship that took them all to the land that would become Israel, with Eugene’s help of course…

Because after all this, he and his friend Ariel Sharon gathered, trained and led the forces that would become the IDF. He helped to build the intelligence service that would become the world-renown Mossad.

He then embarked on a business career, becoming hugely successful and now continues to give back, spending his retirement years by working for the Israeli equivalent of the USO, making certain the forces of Israel have a good quality of life.

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    1. ajayi david
      August 18th

      It will be a dream come come true

    2. ajayi david
      August 18th

      I need to ear direct from people with first hand experience of how IDF was formed etc.