Our Mission

“To inspire the lost with the hope of Christ; to equip America with knowledge of the truth, greater than the evils of the age; to embrace the role of “Watchmen,” that we might sound an alarm for all who will listen.”

Our Vision is that others might embrace our passion, share the truths we espouse and join us to take action toward a brighter future for all Americans.

About Us

We’re a broad representation of American culture.  We’re business leaders…we’re stay at home moms…we’re doctors and nurses…we’re parents and grandparents…we’re your neighbor and your friend…and all of us have a few things in common.

We love our Lord…We love our Country…We have a hunger for the truth…And, we know there’s always cause for Hope, all is not lost.

We believe, as Americans who claim allegiance to God, that we must become proactive with truth. Educational tools, training and active engagement are among the things that separates Global Faith Institute and its supporters from others who choose to simply commiserate about “what used to be”.

We believe in an America where we’re able to embrace the freedom and liberty that have been instilled in us by our Creator, not in forced submission to fear based political ideology.

Our hope is that you might embrace the passion we have, understand and adopt the truth we espouse and help us take action for a brighter future for all Americans.

Global Faith Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization and was founded in December 2011.