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“To inspire the lost with the hope of Christ; to equip America with knowledge of the truth, greater than the evils of the age; to embrace the role of “Watchmen,” that we might sound an alarm for all who will listen.”

Dr Mark Christian

Dr. Mark Christian, founder and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute is himself a convert to Christianity from Islam. His great-uncle was a co-founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his father and uncle both remain influential Brotherhood advisors. Dr. Christian has an intimate and unique understanding of the history and culture of the Middle East and the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the terrorism we see today.
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April 25th event was a success!


Occasionally you get the chance to spend time with a genuine, authentic person...Congressman Louie Gohmert, of the 1st District of Texas is one such man.

A gracious man – admirably successful, yet delightfully humble – Louie is the sort of person who would correct you if you still called him “Congressman” after shaking his hand. “Call me Louie, please.”

This past Monday, a full room of elected officials, candidates and other patriots at the DC Center in Omaha were treated to an enlightening discussion of the difficulties we face moving forward in our nation, and more importantly, inspired by the wisdom of a “servant-leader” offering a way forward, full of hope.

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By Bill Freeman One of the greatest lessons we learn in our Christian life is to bypass the entire realm of the flesh and go directly to Jesus and make contact with Him. When we go directly to Christ, we are free from the flesh. We are free from our self. We are free from […]

Congressman Louie Gohmert

Louie! Occasionally you get the chance to spend time with a genuine, authentic person; comfortable in their own skin to the point that they can look outward without the awkwardness of self-doubt and appraise the world with the experience they’ve gained through self-mastery. Congressman Louie Gohmert, of the 1st District of Texas is one such […]


In this tumultuous age, with our rough and tumble political climate, some are thinking this election cycle may herald the end of the United States, even the end of the world, as we know it.  Others think that stand on the precipice of further greatness, and that our nation will improve if only we had […]

What we sow in Spring, we shall reap in Fall…

We have reached a dangerous place…a juncture, beyond which lies either hope of recovery and restoration of our Constitutional Republic, or the continuing erosion and eventual erasure of our protections as citizens against a rapacious government. This proverbial fork in the road holds more peril than merely choosing the wrong path; we face that choice […]